Welcome to SCREEN - SFX

Welcome to the world of creating a spectacular interactive experience between Performing Artists and audiences, through the use of synchronized special effects, cue-activated on audience smart phones.

SCREEN SFX proudly introduces a dynamic, new app to download a variety of special effects onto smart phones and mobile devices. These effects are designed to light up audiences at concerts, sporting events and special events. In this context, the entire audience can become a singular special effect (i.e. strobe light, candles, colors, thunder, lightning, etc.) activated to cue, as a part of the show, or event design. Many live devices are illegal in many states, and restricted from entry at many events. However, SCREEN SFX effects are legal and completely safe for use in all states and at any events.

In addition, the SCREEN SFX app is available to individuals as menu driven special effects for the screens of personal electronic devices. From the App home screen, the user can tap the individual effect icon and instantly activate the effect video or image; an additional tap will instantly return the user to the App menu. The motion effects typically run for one minute and recycle until tapped and disengaged. Individual uses of this App are virtually unlimited. They may be used at parties, gatherings, hanging out and postings on social media sites, just to name a few. These app effects download through Apple, Android, and Microsoft app stores. In addition, Special Effects can be broadcast by the SCREEN SFX Team through a dedicated event broadcasting system at concerts, festivals, sporting events and special events. When the critical mass reaches numbers in the thousands or tens of thousands of audience participants at an event, the cumulative effect elevates the moment above the level of an ordinary experience to that of a powerful interactive phenomenon, in which the audience becomes part of the show.

The next chapter in live audience event participation is about to be written, authored by Performing Artists and their Creative Teams, and Supported by SCREEN SFX.


Special Effects contracted to concert tours, sporting events or special ...



SCREEN SFX app is available to the general public featuring a menu of special ...



The SCREEN SFX App is available to the general public as an individual ...